Our baby monkeys are hand-raised and bottle-fed.

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Why purchase from a USDA licensed breeder

We must follow tight rules and provide proper housing, food and living arrangements for all pets in our care. We are also inspected once to twice a year without any notification. Our pets are well taken care of and loved. A good breeder will also have available all their males and females on hand with pictures. They will also have good strong lineage on all their sugar gliders. Breeding non pedigreed sugar gliders is not acceptable. We are a tight community and with lineage we are able to track any health issues within the gliders and pull these from further breeding. I will never consider myself to be the #1 Breeder in Virginia just one of the best with a caring heart and passion for what I do. With this in mind, please know you will get a well loved baby handled daily.

At approximately 2 weeks of age I will be posting pictures of the joeys on this website and my Facebook page. Pictures will be updated every week thereafter.

Joeys will be able to leave and head to their new homes once they reach 8-9 weeks old (this is dependent upon their weight, growth and ability to eat on their own).

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